Say Cheese!

August 7, 2015


Several parents have asked "How did you capture my child's real personality"? 

Well, we threatened them with their lives, and bribed them with pixie sticks and money, of course!! Isn't that what most photographers do every day?


We just ask the parents to stay behind, run an errand or two, and we take the child on an ADVENTURE!!! While they are going into a MAGICAL LAND with maybe a princess, or a cowboy, or a dragon-slayer or two...we just snap away. And we never ever say CHEESE PLEASE! If they run, we run...Yes, I get sweaty and dirty...GASP! And there are frogs in my camera, too!Tickle wars have been necessary. They usually win! Who can scream the loudest is always fun too!

The children are happy after their session. They usually need a nap!

The parents had a break, and all are happy with their results in the end! 

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